Luxury relaxation in the Andalusian summer

arrow Sector: FMCG
arrow Destination: Marbella, Spain
arrow Participants: 23 people
arrow Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
arrow Season: Summer
arrow Budget: ~ €1900 / person


Our client was looking for a destination with a beach, but also other nature and cultural activities.

In addition, they would have liked to choose a destination that the team members had heard of, found attractive and would like to visit, but few of them had the opportunity to do so individually.



The decision was made in favour of Marbella, an Andalusian town that proved to be the perfect location for recreational activities. We housed the group in three adjoining private villas with pools, and after arrival we had a barbecue in the gardens with a private chef and bartender.

We kicked off the day with an optional sunrise yoga by the pool, enjoyed beach time during the catamaran ride and visited some of the best farm-to-table restaurants in the area. After a day on the beach, we topped the excitement with a breathtaking via ferrata hike along the El Caminito del Rey mountain trail. There was no better way to end the three-day holiday in style than with a big cocktail party in Puente Romano’s main square, La Plaza.

GoBeyond Agency | Incentive trips | Marbella, Spain
GoBeyond Agency | Incentive trips | Marbella, Spain
GoBeyond Agency | Incentive trips | Marbella, Spain
GoBeyond Agency | Incentive trips | Marbella, Spain

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