Incentive trip on unpaved roads

arrow Sector: Financial Services
arrow Destination: Azores, Portugal
arrow Participants: 40+ people
arrow Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
arrow Season: Early autumn
arrow Budget: ~ € 1600 / person


The team is made up of young and progressive people, so the programmes were organised in a similar spirit, seeking „mindfulness” experiences, preferably in a location previously unknown to the participants. The various active programmes were conceived as optional, so that everyone could participate in things that suited their interests, but also have some free time.



With the Azores, we have proposed a unique destination that is a novelty even for adventure lovers, and a completely untouched area for corporate tourism. Due to the size of the island, programme locations are typically no more than half an hour apart, which was extremely practical because of the many optional programme offerings.

After a variety of activities such as whale watching, surfing and hikes of varying difficulty, the common activities included a thermal bath, a gin tasting from Europe’s largest gin collection and Portugal’s most famous steak restaurant. But the most memorable meal together was a picnic at the foot of a waterfall with guitar music and a campfire. On our last day, we had lunch at Lisbon’s famous gastro market and then, accompanied by our local guide, we explored the city’s hidden little streets.

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