Conference & Dolce Vita

arrow Sector: Financial Services
arrow Destination: Ischia, Italy
arrow 60 people
arrow Length: 4 days, 3 nights
arrow Season: May
arrow Budget: ~ € 4500 / person


The purpose of the trip was to organize a business meeting for 60 people where our client aimed to integrate mindfulness programs into their annual international team meeting. Adhering to our client’s travel guidelines, we diligently scoured Italy for an ideal venue. Our goal was to secure a location that not only catered to a conference within a professional ambience but also introduced an element of novelty to captivate the team’s interest.


Accessible by boat from Naples, Ischia holds a special place as a haven for an authentic Italian way of life. The island’s residents primarily engaged in agriculture, resulting in fewer tourists and a genuine ambience.

Instead of the classic and lengthy ferry ride, we took a private speedboat to our first-class hotel, which welcomed us with its history stretching far back into the past and excellent service. There was no shortage of exciting transport options as the team spent a day exploring the island in the local and iconic ape cars.

The mornings began with breathing meditation workshops to prepare all participants for the meetings before the afternoon activities because they were all about the Dolce Vita. After climbing Mount Epomeo, instead of a classic dinner, the team was treated to some exciting bites while everyone made their own pizza. And the food was nothing to be missed, with sips of local limoncello and excellent negronis, which could be enjoyed in the island’s warm volcanic springs.

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