Offroad tour through the most beautiful landscapes of the Balkans

arrow Sector: Financial
arrow Destination: Bosnia-Hercegovina, Montenegro
arrow Participants: 20+ attendees
arrow Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
arrow Season: Autumn
arrow Budget: ~ € 1100 / person


As a reward, the client wanted to take his team on a real adventure, and in terms of destination, he was keen to choose a location where his colleagues would not travel individually. It was important to him that the trip itself was an experience, so he didn’t rule out the possibility of adding challenges to make the time spent together even more adventurous.



Besides the challenge of constantly changing locations and accommodation on a roadtrip, even entering the countries in question, and the sometimes problematic phone and internet communication, was a challenge for our team.

We formed teams of 2 and set off in jeeps from downtown Sarajevo towards the Montenegrin border. The single-lane, winding road between the Piva Canyon and the Tara Canyon, through the Durmitor National Park, surprised even the most experienced drivers with its beauty. Our stop in Kolasin allowed us time for a spa break, so we continued our journey to Herceg Novi well rested. We ended our exploration with a grand gala dinner with a magnificent view of the Bay of Kotor.

The journey was not done in a convoy, the teams were guided through the adventure by prior information about the day’s destination and a map. For a complete experience, a challenging storyline also helped us to experience and relive the golden age of the Balkans even more intensively.


“As the shady part of Europe, the Balkans offer countless undiscovered adventures, and its cultural diversity offers a corporate trip of a lifetime.”

GoBeyond Team | Trellay Levente | Senior Tour Guide

Levente Trellay

Senior Tour Guide

GoBeyond Agency | Incentive trips | Balkan Trip

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