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GoBeyond is a bespoke events and travel agency offering premium corporate travel and adventure tours to destinations around the world.

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Our story

In the past 12 years we have freeride skied the Yotei volcano, motorbiked with hundreds of adventurers in the Himalayas, speedboated between deserted islands on the Panama-Colombia border, dined in a volcanic crater in Lanzarote, visited a city with a military escort in a civil war zone, slept in a Mongolian yurt in the middle of nowhere.

These extreme experiences have taught us what makes a business trip a life-changing, team-building experience in a safe, secure, accessible and meaningful way.

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Our philosophy

From the first moment, we knew we didn’t want to follow the classic travel agency route. Even though every trip is based on the same 4 basic elements – activity, lodging, food and transport – we are determined to avoid the same solutions offered over and over again.

GoBeyond – true to its name – goes beyond all these: we experiment with new flavours instead of overused recipes. We visit every location in person before organizing a new trip, using our own experiences and local friends to find unconventional solutions that would not be possible for a traditional travel agency.

For those travelling with us, you’d better forget the upheld umbrella, the four days of museum visits and sightseeing coach tours and embrace the unique hotels, conference rooms with magical views, pop-up dining, quality and useful gifts and leisure activities that take you out of your comfort zone.

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The team

The diverse GoBeyond team is an essential part of the organization of unconventional trips and events. In total, our tour guides have first-hand experience and connections in more than 100 countries to the most exciting attractions, trustworthy drivers and know the hottest hotels and restaurants just opening.

Thanks to our creative team, not only will your travel experience be brought to life, but everything from the invitations to the follow-up communication will be spectacular, tasteful and attractive.

And our unobtrusive back-office department ensures that the supporting processes run smoothly and that the smoking guest gets the balcony room.

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