100-Year Anniversary Celebration Under the Ancient Olive Trees

arrow Sector: Life Sciences & Health Care
arrow Destination: Paphos, Cyprus
arrow Participants: ~ 100 people
arrow Length: 4 days, 3 nights
arrow Season: June
arrow Budget: ~ € 3000 / person


A returning and esteemed client was looking for a versatile solution for their annual conference of 100 people, both in terms of venue and design. When choosing a venue, a key consideration was to go to countries represented by the international team, so our options were limited even within Europe. The premium venue had to meet the requirements of a professional programme, offer exciting leisure activities, have single rooms for almost 100 people, and host a grand anniversary gala dinner. As part of the organization, our client entrusted our team with the thematic branding of the event as well as the production of digital and print materials, photography and video production, and the design and implementation of a decoration concept that matched the theme.


Among the countries we were able to choose from, we chose the Greek part of Cyprus, where we found the perfect partner in a resort that provided an idyllic setting for both the professional programmes and the relaxation afterward. Our conference participants came from 7 countries with different flights and landed in airports, so coordinating the transfers was a challenge.

In addition to the accommodation, the complexity of the resort we chose allowed us to host all the programmes throughout the event, including catering, so we could taste the flavours of different restaurants each time without having to travel long distances.
In parallel with the conference, we organised incentive programmes for a small group of people during the day. One day they explored the coast by boat and the next day they drove off-road vehicles to the hidden places on the island. The afternoons were spent together, with yoga, e-biking, tennis, beach volleyball, snorkeling, and even swimming with turtles for the lucky ones.

As we were celebrating an anniversary this year in addition to the annual meeting, a strong emphasis was placed on the identity of the event. The basic concept of heritage and the future was present throughout the event, even in the pre-communication. From the digital invitation to the on-site brand materials, the conference stage set-up and the presentations themselves were designed in this spirit. The evening programmes and dinners can even be considered events in their own, as they were organised within the framework and spirit of the conference theme, including the decorations and even the choice of music.

The gala dinner was complemented by live music, a quiz, and an awards ceremony, all set against the beautiful backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, while guests enjoyed the flavours of Cyprus under ancient olive trees, just a stone’s throw from the sea. In addition to the decoration, the awards presented also reflect the heritage of the place. After the execution, we consider the after-communication equally important, so the client received professional photos and an after-movie. On-site, the photos taken during the previous days could be enjoyed on a projector during the closing gala dinner to relive the moments shared.

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